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ANZ Corporation is a Civil and Electrical firm having experience of 20 years in the field of construction in Government, public and private sector. The company was founded by Mr.S.Ahmed, Mr. Bikash Agarwal, Mr.Pankaj Jain & Mr.Mohd Alam.

We are Serving in Indian Railways, Airport Authority of India, Indian Air Force(Under Ministry of Defence, Government of India) and many more. We are expertise in water supply projects, Mobile Tower creation, Micro tunneling for laying Optical Fiber cable and Structural steel-work, etc.


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My Teepol Chemicals Limited was incorporated in the year 2019. Our Company is certified by ISO 9001:2015.Our business model includes the Manufacture and sale of various specialty chemicals catering to industries such as quality marine chemicals, B300, etc. Over the years a strong focus on Research & Development has enabled us to develop and establish a robust portfolio of products catering to both the domestic and international clientele. As an evolving company, we believe in creating enduring products developed through the high quality of innovation and efficient manufacturing processes with utmost concern towards the Environment, Health & Safety of all our partners. It is our constant endeavor to live up to this expectation as this is the key to Sustainable Success.

Lachit Distributors

Lachit Distributors with the primary goal of providing a true commercial-grade of Epoxy/PU floor coating application and installation services using high quality epoxy floor coatings.we are committed to fulfill the customer's need by manufacturing the state of the art products in the fields of epoxy & polyurethane flooring, PU wall coating,structural coating and many more in surface coating world. We are also specialists in providing industrial Terrace/Roof Waterproofing & Hygienic wall coatings. Sourced from trusted vendors, these products are extensively used in different construction projects, industries, commercial complexes, etc.

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